Hack the German Articles

No more struggling with DER/DAS/DIE

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Learn the German articles in a fun and super effective way! Get to know a very simple association technique everyone can learn and use.

It is completely for free because we want you to see how beautifully simple learning German can be if you work with the right approach.

Who is this course for?

For anyone who thinks the German articles are impossible to master

Did your teacher tell you that the articles make no sense and that you have to "just" learn them by heart but "forgot" to tell you HOW to do actually do that?

Or have you maybe discovered yourself that the gender of German nouns is a giant pain in the neck? Don't despair. This course will make you smile again.

What you’ll learn


Memorize quickly and recall easily the gender of any German noun with very little effort.

Improve the quality of your German significantly by knowing the proper gender of a noun.

Discover the true power of your memory. It is mind-blowing. You won’t believe it before you’ve tried it.

It takes you less than 15 minutes 

Don’t trust me.
See for yourself.


Enroll in course for free

After telling myself for years that I could never, ever get to B1 standard, I got 84.5% on the exam!!! Michael has changed my way of learning languages for life.

Tammy Furey

Michael’s humor was the cream on top of the delicous cake that my German learning turned into.

Sai Kiran

Working with smarterGerman got me to open up and start talking, long before I would consider that I can form sentences correctly.

Martin S.

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