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What is our Correction service?


Correcting a text is NOT striking through what’s wrong and writing the correct solution above it. That’s actually a very harmful and demeaning way of “helping” learners with their German.

smarterCorrections are done by us hinting at your mistakes so that you are able to learn from them through your own effort. This is empowering and thinking long term as you’ll be able to find and correct your mistakes all by yourself in the future.

This way you will learn a lot faster as well as you put in effort and thought into what you are doing and how you are doing it. Soon you won’t have to rely on anyone correcting your texts anymore.

Read the guidelines below thoroughly to be crystal clear what you are signing up for.

Read this thoroughly

How long will I have access?
You'll have 12 months access to these services and will be unenrolled automatically after that. If you need more time, contact me and I’ll see what can be done.

How many texts can I submit?
Corrections are limited to writing and presentation assignments with one text per assignment per day. You’ll get max. 3 back and forth corrections per text. 

Are there limitations in text size?
Not really but it makes no sense to write 200-word essays when the exam only requires you to write 120 words. No matter how much you write, we’ll only correct 7-10 mistakes per text as that is the perfect amount of mistakes to learn from.

What if I’m finished before the 12 months period?
It doesn't matter whether there is still time left of the 12 months: once you are done with the C1 course you are done with the correction service as well as we only correct texts of the course and those only once.

More Questions?
If you have any questions, reach out to me before making a purchase.

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